Friday, February 20, 2009

Sharon King is all smiles.....

at the way her gold leaf, gold chips, and gold painting is looking in this dramatic and exciting abstract. Hope Fort Knox still has some gold in it!
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Arlen Madole loves her Italian friar!

Arlen, working from one of her many international travel photos, loves the way this painting of her Assisi, Italy friar is progressing. The stonework, the arch, the street.....well, they are fab!
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Susan Roper - hard at work

You can just feel the concentration that is going into this bird as Susan works on the "tail end". Readers will have to go to Susan's blogspot to view the progress from this point. So realistic that you want to throw the pelican a fish!
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Susan Roper starting her palette

Susan is just starting to prepare her palette....mixing and matching and stirring. You can just catch a glimpse of the stately pelican whose image will soon be captured in watercolor.
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Ron Anderson Progress

Just a short time later in the afternoon, you can see Ron's progress on this beautiful watercolor. Talk about fabulous talent!
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Ron Anderson

Ron Anderson working on his family heirloom watercolor.
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Impromptu critique session

Madeline Ledzinski, Patty Potter, Ron Anderson (back) and Barb Lang discussing Patty's pastel WIP at the SCG Art Club
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Gallery Slideshows Started!

The member gallery slideshows have been started, using the painting photos that I currently have. If you want to show a larger representation of your body of work, please e-mail the files to me for inclusion into your gallery. You can also mail me the photos and I will digitize them for inclusion into the blog.

If you do not see your name on the gallery list, it will be included shortly. I am gaining on it, but the list is long. Tell me what you think so far?

Susan, your blog administrator

Sunday, February 8, 2009

This is I, your blog administrator, presenting the blog concept to the members last Friday at the Vanguard Artists monthly meeting. The concept seemed to be well-received, so I will begin putting together some of the special features I promised in my talk. The first of these I will work on will be the slideshow gallery of everyone's work. These gallery albums can be accessed individually and can contain many more photos as members continue to paint and want to post photos.

I am looking forward to working with the members and will try to get this up and running shortly. Stay tuned!