Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sorry Folks!

As your Blog Administrator, one of my responsibilities is to create the slideshows of our work for easy access to them. To do this, I utilize a Pro Account through Flickr, which is paid for by Vanguard Artists. I haven't checked my mail through Flickr for awhile, which means I didn't read the notice that our Pro Account was due to expire in February, so it didn't get paid. This is why some of our painting photos have disappeared, Flickr downgraded us to the free account, which limits the number of photos we can have on their site. Mea culpa!

I have paid the fee for the Pro Account and I will hope to have our photos all restored shortly. If not, I will re-create the slideshows as I have most of the photos I have been sent stored on my computer.

Pardon me for my lapse!

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  1. Susan, you also need to update the names of the Vanguard officers...Thanks.