Friday, February 3, 2012

From the Prez...

Our President, Connie Bollard, has announced the following:

Spring Challenge

Let the Sun Shine Out!!!!!

For our April Meeting, you are to create an original piece of Art with the theme of 
Let the Sun Shine OUT!!!!!!
                You can Collage, Paint with whatever medium you prefer, do Digital Photography,
Sculpt -  what ever tickles your fancy.
                The Art Can be 2D or 3D,  Large or Small or something in between.
                You can work on it by yourself or you can collaborate with another Artist in Vanguard.
                What I hope you don’t do, is sit on your hands and let everyone else have all the fun of getting their creative juices flowing.
                The Pay Off is this:  Self Satisfaction and to be featured on our Blog Site.,
Instead of a Critique Session, we will show our works, there will be an Artist’s Choice
Vote of who should be featured on the Blog site.

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