Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Congratulations !!!!

Vanguard Artists bring home ribbons at the Sun City Annual Fine Art Show which was held on Feb 11-12 


     Aileen Garvey -    
"The Ride"
Honorable Mention (Portraits/Figures Prof/Instructor Div)

     Georgia Feiste -    
"Future Firefighter"
2nd Place (Portrait/Figures Gallery Div)

     Helen Tomich -    
1st Place (Still Life or Floral Advanced Div)

"Shadowy Bob"
1st Place (Portrait/Figures Advanced Div)
"Deep Thoughts"
2nd Place (Portrait/Figures Advanced Div)

     Jerry McGinness   
"Rocky Mountain Splendor"
1st Place (Land or Seascape Advanced Div) and Judge's Choice
Image not available - 2nd Place (Land or Seascape Advanced Div) 
                                    Image not available - Honorable Mention (Land or Seascape Adv. Div)

     Kelly Abraham
"Puzzle of Intrigue"
2nd Place (Abstracts/Collage Prof/Instructor Div.)

     Marion Wishnefski
"Autumn Leaves"
1st Place (Abstracts/Collage Prof/Instructor Div)

"Fruit in a Copper Pot" (below) 
Honorable Mention (Still Life/Floral Prof/Instructor Div)

     Ruth Little           
"Jackrabbits and Cactus"
1st Place (Animals/Birds - Prof/Instructor Div)
"Pottery and Monument Valley"
3rd Place (Still Life/Floral - Prof/Instructor Div)

     Susan Denison     
1st Place (Still Life/Floral - Prof/Instructor Div)
                                "Selfie HaHa"                                    
1st Place (Portraits/Figures - Prof/Instructor Div)
Judge's Choice

Honorable Mention (Still Life/Floral - Prof/Instructor Div) 

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