Sunday, March 6, 2011

Carnivale de Artes 2011 Winners!

I have received, from Kristi Herring, nine photos of the winners of the Carnivale de Artes 2011 art show. We proudly claim these winners as also being members of Vanguard Artists and say congratulations to them! To view a slideshow of the winners receiving their awards, please click here.

I have received a list of the winners and will post them here, with the information provided. If you see your name and there is missing information or incorrect information about your award, please let me know at

Lois Doty - Honorable Mention (Advanced)
Karen Walsh -
Pat Knorr - First Place (Advanced)
Linda Lee Gimbly -     (Professional)
Mary Lou Harvey - Honorable Mention (Advanced)
Kristi Herring - Honorable Mention  (Advanced)
Ross Snodgrass - third Place (Professional)
June Brantner - Second Place (Professional)
Val Anderson - Best in Show (Professional)

Way to go Vanguard members!

PS...The following are additions to the above information, thanks Pat Knorr!

Mary Schubert(2nd Place in Mixed Media)
Regina Cirillo
Gisela Spence (1st Place in Dry Media)

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  1. I know that Mary Schubert(2nd Place in Mixed Media),Regina Cirillo and Gisela Spence (1st Place in Dry Media)also won ribbons from the show.