Saturday, February 9, 2013

Colorado Barn Finished?

I am submitting this as a finished painting, but know that there might be something I have missed, so please let me know if you see anything glaring that needs to be addressed.

Pat, thanks so much for your comment on the foreground foliage. I tried to make them different sizes and shapes, but don't think I made much difference? For some reason, my brush wants to paint symmetry!


  1. Susan, I think your finished painting fine with the symmetry in the foreground bushes, one side does look higher than the other side anyway. I am not really good at critiquing other people's art. I just think your background foliage perhaps need some more variations on the values. Also, which way is the direction of light? I can't tell from what I see here. Or, is the piece mainly about the mood it reflects? I do like the fact that some of the posts are like falling down (that adds interest the painting).
    You know, I think the idea of critique on the blog is great. But, looks like not many people are really going online or participating in this feature.
    Are you bringing this painting to the next Vanguard meeting?

  2. Hi Susan: You are a brave woman for working in sepia. The painting is really good. I see what Pat is saying about the foliage behind the barn. It maybe could use a little bit more dark in a few choice places. Keep up the wonderful work.
    Diane Freeman

  3. Thanks, Diane and Pat...While this one is finished now, I will keep in my mind the thought to go darker in the foliage in some areas for the next one.