Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Critiques here on the blog!

As spoken about in yesterday's Vanguard meeting, I proposed adding a new feature to our blog. Many agreed that it would be a helpful feature. I thought it would be interesting for us to see WIPs (Works in Progress) of our paintings added to the blog and any problems you feel you are having discussed as a critique format here on the blog.

So, send me your photos of what you are working on, whether you are having problems or not, just show us your process and progress. I will then put them on the blog, along with your comments, and critiques. Remember, my e-mail is in the Vanguard roster, so please participate in this and let's see if this will help us in our painting journeys.

It will be interesting to have you submit your WIPs here and then, after receiving interim critiques to have you bring the finished pieces to the monthly critique meetings so we can see them finished.

If you have any questions or problems dealing with this new process, please e-mail me....Susan

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